Newsletter Look and Feel. Rhodes Food Group

Eskom needed a campaign for their IT Department- I came up with the binary code idea, of the ones and noughts being people that represent the ITDepartment. Target audience, young and funky. On the right: A series of banners designed for internal communiques to the four main departments.


Internal communication regarding explaining the tarriff increases. Concept is of the journey of how Eskom comes to making these decisions and how it gets unpacked as a strategy.
All the information needed to be condensed and put into a pocket size z-fold that could be handed to employees. The box was illustrated in Illustrator and applied throughout the design.


Corporate Communications – Absa.
Internal Booklets for all managers and staff. Just one in a series of 6. (Agency: Blue Moon)

New Absa

Walltalker for The Ruby Club. An internal rewards programme.Ā (Agency: Blue Moon)

AfriSam internal newsletter look and feel

Gift Cards and shelf packaging for The Pro Shop.

Golf club graphics design. Little Tiger is The Pro shop’s house brand.

New look and feel for Morkels bedding point of sale.

Flyer for Spekboom real estate development


Christmas invites for RT Systems

RT INVITESMonthly and weekly planners for Creating Rooms

1467179_1501980166733469_5747305294506163427_n 1504187_1497429523855200_1862185250324458885_o

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